Tours Crete East-West

Tour 8 days / 7 nights
Crete has a strategic location between the three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). It has been often invaded. The footsteps of invaders are found everywhere in Minoan ruins, Byzantine churches, minarets, Venetian fortresses and monasteries, also in the original and proud character of its people, in their manners and customs.
We offer a formula that will show you the unique beauty of Crete island.
Day 1: France - Heraklion
  • Reception at the airport of Heraklion.
  • Transfer to Hotel - Heraklion (Class A or B).
  • Dinner and overnight.
Day 2: Knossos - Archaeological Museum, Lassithi, Agios Nikolaos
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Drive to the site of Knossos, situated on a small hill. The palace of King Minos, according to legend, housed the labyrinth of the Minotaur, a monster half-man half-bull, born of the love of Queen Pasiphae and a white bull.
  • Visit to the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, one of the most important museum in Greece, closing most of the discoveries made on the site of Knossos.
  • Continue to the Lassithi Plateau, dubbed the Valley of 10, 000 á Moulins wind. Á It is located approximately 866 meters above sea level and surrounded by the green peaks of Mount Dikte (2148m).
  • Lunch in a tavern during the visit.
  • Stop to visit the cave of Psychro, birthplace of the God Zeus (we recommend a good pair of shoes to go down into the cave)
  • Departure for Agios Nikolaos, the most picturesque harbor of Crete that is also called "the little Cretan St Tropez".
  • Dinner and overnight in Agios Nikolaos (cat.A hotel or B).
Day 3: Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Spinalonga, Agios Nikolaos
  • Departure for Elounda, former fishing village, located 11 km á became Agios Nikolaos, one of the most courres binary resorts on the island, it was one of the few city á mint its own coins marking its independence.
  • At the entrance to the Bay Elounda extends Spinalonga peninsula, separated from the mainland by a narrow isthmus and an island of the same name. You will board a boat á, the discovery of ruins of a mighty fortress built in 1526 by the Venetians to prevent enemy ships to access the port of Elounda.
  • Departure for the island of Kolokytha where will the barbecue on a beautiful sandy beach.
  • Free afternoon for swimming and return to Agios Nikolaos.
  • Overnight in Agios Nikolaos (cat.A hotel or B).
Day 4: Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Toplou, Agios Nikolaos
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Departure for the visit of the small town of Sitia, small harbor built amphitheater, located by the sea 70 km from Heraklion. Deems to its Soultania, grapes "sultan" Sitia is also renowned for very warm welcome, its people are renowned for being the friendliest and welcoming Crete.
  • Continue to the palm of VAI. According to legend, they are Egyptians warriors who formerly created the palm grove in honor of a Pharaoh. Lunch in a tavern.
  • On the way back, visit the Orthodox Monastery Toplou, which dates back to the XVth century. The building has the appearance of a fortress, and was often used as a refuge by the Greek resistance during the Second World War. You will discover beautiful icons. The Monastery of Toplou is one of the richest in Crete.
  • Overnight in Agios Nikolaos (Class A or B).
Day 5: Agios Nikolaos, Gorthys, Faestos, Matala, Rethymno
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Drive to the south coast. Stop in the city of Gortys, ancient Roman, one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean á Roman times and the first Byzantine period. City tour and the Basilica of St. Titus, who was the founder of Gortys, first Christian community.
  • Continue through the á Geropotamos and climb the hill to Faesto. Minoan visit the palace with panoramic views over the plain of Messara and the twin peaks of Mount Ida, now known as the Psiloritis. This site was inhabited in the Neolithic and the Minoan era.
  • Continue to Matala prosperous village, where you will discover the Roman tombs carved into limestone cliffs that surround the cove refusal Hippies. Lunch in a tavern.
  • Swimming for those who want it.
  • Overnight in Rethymno (cat.A hotel or B).
Day 6: Rethymno, Kokkinos Pirgos, Preveli Rethymno
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Departure to visit the Preveli Monastery on the South coast.
  • Featuring a museum, the Monastery of Preveli is a historical monument, which is based on the south side of the mountain and offers beautiful views of the Libyan Sea.
  • Continuation of the tourist coast, worm Chania, on the West Coast. Visit the Archaeological Museum housed in the former Mosque of Pasha Yusuf, who is also the Basilica of San Francesco. This museum contains beautiful objects mainly from the Western Crete and from different periods.
  • The building, itself full of charm, is surrounded by a small garden, which contains a collection of interesting stones and an old Turkish fountain. Walk in the covered market in the shape of a cross, built in 1913.
  • Overnight in Rethymno (cat.A hotel or B).
Day 7: Chania, Omalos, Chora Sfakion, Rethymno
  • Breakfast á hotel.
  • Departure to the plain of Omalos perched in the middle of the White Mountains. This is the most suitable place to watch the Samaria Gorge, among the most beautiful in Europe, with its 18 km long, it is renowned for its wild beauty.
  • Lunch in a tavern.
  • Departure for Chora Sfakion on the southwest coast to the particular character and built in a wild and rocky region. Continue to Rethymnon
  • Overnight in Rethymno (cat.A hotel or B).
Day 8: Heraklion - Paris
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transfer to Heraklion airport by time of return flight.
  • Assistance with the registration formalities.
(*) Route given an indication, subject to changes without altering its content, the trip can be reversed.
  • Circuit 8 days / 7 nights in air-conditioned coach from Heraklion.
  • Circuit accompanied by a French speaking guide.
  • Full board from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8.
  • Hotel accommodation from cat.A
  • Museums and archaeological sites are closed on 25 March (national holiday), during the Orthodox Easter and May 1 (Labor Day).

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