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Activities & Sports Gateway is a global full-service sports management group, providing services to professional and amateur players in a full range of sports and activities in Greece throughout the year combining sports activities with a unique travelling experience in various places in Greece.

Although it is commonly said our clients are indeed our top priority. Activities & Sports Gateway is very selective during its client group selection process from various countries, which allows us to provide each client group with unmatched personal attention, guidance and service delivery in excellent summer and winter destinations in Greece in order to enjoy preferred sports activity. Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management to athletes who want to maximize their potential on and off the court while participating in well-organized international tournaments in Greece as well as to participants and the public who would like to attend and share the experience.

Activities & Sports Gateway has the strongest network with domestic and international associations and groups in sorts management activities through the development of personal and close relationships with renown trainers, management and teams throughout Europe and Americas.

Our management team, our employees as well as professional consultants are well known and respected in their field of expertise and this ensures excellence in delivering more than what it has been promised and expected.

We pride ourselves as being the most respected sports agency in Greece in the professional sports management and recreation industry.
We are looking forward to offer you in Greece a unique and unforgettable sports activity experience in your preferred sport.
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