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Discover Greece - Your dream vacation - Cohili Tours

Discover Greece - Your dream vacation

The diversity of Greece is suitable for all usual vacation packages and tours, and makes it charming. The climate is mild in winter and hot in summer.

Discover Greece, visit the greatest archaeological sites of mainland Greece, go on cruises, make a tour, visit Crete, the Dodecanese islands, the Ionian islands, the Saronic gulf, rent a car or even a yacht.

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Messinian Horizons
Luxury villas in Peloponnese
Sofia Hotel
Hotel apartments in Crete
Selectour Afat
Receptive agency
La Reine Travel

Travel agency in Greece - Vacation packages, Tours, Trips

Cohili Tours welcomes you to its website and invites you to discover its activities in Greece

Cohili Tours welcomes you to its website and invites you to discover its activities in Greece.

Cohili Tours is pleased to provide you with the expertise and experience of its creators to make you discover and enjoy this magical country, Its people bring the many years of experience and offer you high quality of programming such as car rental, organized tours, spa vacation and villas for rent. Whatever your choice is, you will enjoy the most wonderful holidays and stay in charming hotels.

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Our services - We offer you complete travel services for Greece - Cohili Tours
Our services - We offer you complete travel services for Greece
  • Reception and transfer
  • Vacation packages
  • Guided tours
  • Island hopping
  • Greece by car
  • Discover Crete
  • Cruises
  • Car rentals
  • Sailboat rentals
  • Programs a la carte
  • Thalassotherapy & Spa
Technical sheet
› Time difference. Plus one hour compared to France.
› Advice - Don't burden yourself with large suitcases.
› During sea crossings by ferry, potentials meals on board are not included.
› For air and sea transfers do not expect brief journeys.

2018 Greek Overnight Stay Tax payed from the clients to the reception per room per night
Hotel Accommodation
5 Star: € 4.00
4 Star: € 3.00
3 Star: € 1.50
1-2 Stars: € 0.50
Furnished Rooms/Apartments
4 Keys: € 1.00
3 Keys: € 0.50
1-2 Keys: € 0.25
Travel Info
› Schedules of inter-island routes maybe changed without notice overnight by companies.
› The length of stay in each island may also be disturbed.
› Some crossings start early in the morning so breakfast cannot be provided at the hotel.
› If a sea crossing is canceled due to weather conditions, strikes or unexpected change in operation extra days will be required prior to departure. The local correspondent might cancel this crossing and it will be replaced by a domestic flight or another type of boat (hydrofoil or sea-jet for example).
Hotel Info
› The hotel classification is specific in Greece. Classification given by the national office of the Hellenic tourism category C**, B*** cat. A**** and luxe*****.
› For most hotels rooms are put at disposal at 14:00 on arrival day and must be evacuated at 12:00 on departure day.
Cohili Tours travels you to Greece

Come to Greece, there is so much to see and do from the biggest city to the smallest village, from the coast up to the mountain, from the plane up to the island. From port to port, from island to island. We take you across the Aegean sea increasingly far.

Come to Greece if you have a couple of days to see everything and taste all the goodies, we help you to take advantage of each minute and detect in advance everything that will make your vacation more enjoyable. Thanks to our programs of great flexibility and mobility, but feel free to create other combinations according to your desires that will bring you to this land beloved of the Gods.

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