Yacht cruise 7 days Cyclades islands

Days 7
Starting with Kea island
  • Day 1: Kea/Tzia 36NM
    Because of its proximity to Attica, the history of Kea is closely linked to that of Athens. The island is oval shaped with the main axis extending approximately 20 km from the south-west to the north-east with a maximum girth of about 10 km. The population is approximately 1500. Kea is an enticing island. Its rocky and forbidding perimeter is enlivened inland by old oak trees and almond groves, small hospitable villages and beautiful empty beaches.
  • Day 2: Syros 30NM
    This is the island where Greek tradition and western influence come to a harmonious marriage. Ermoúpoli (meaning "the city of Hermes") is the island's capital town and has been the first important trade and industrial centre of the country in the 19th century. Lying in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros covers an area of 84 m2 and has approximately 20.000 inhabitants. Ermoupolis, the capital and port of Syros, is built amphitheatrically on two hills and it is full of neoclassical buildings, mansions and white washed houses, while the dominating town hall and the church of Anastasia dominate in dignity.
  • Day 3: Mykonos 27NM
    Mykonos is a Greek island, part of the Cyclades, Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, known for its diverse and intense nightlife as evidenced by a vast number of bars and nightclubs. Mykonos is also known for its beaches. Archaeological finds indicate that the Ionians settled on Mykonos in the early part of the 11th century BCE. It is a busy island, with a lot of options to offer to the visitors. You can explore the streets of Old town, or go for shopping. A lot of people having an afternoon cocktail out to little Venice quarter while sun is setting and then Mykonos becomes alive with lots of music bars and nightclubs Activities if desired: Ski, Wave runners, Water sports, swimming Lunch on board
  • Day 4: Paros 24NM
    Paros Town is full of tourists many who live here and there are plenty of cool bars. The tiny idealic fishing village of Naousa is so crowded in August that you have to stand in line to walk past the cafes that surround the port so come in June or early or July, or even better in September. The beaches of Paros though popular are also quite nice. Paros is known for its windsurfing. The beach at Parasporos has incredible body-surfing when the wind is coming from the north. Paros is a very popular island and people who visit are pretty happy there.
  • Day 5: Serifos 30 NM
    Serifos is an island with a quaint beauty, preserving at the same time the traditional Aegean character. The whole island is a balcony to the northwest all blue and sunny Aegean. It stands on the west part of the Cyclades Islands, 74 nautical miles from Piraeus and it has an area of 75 sq.m. What will surprise every visitor is that Serifos has an 84 km coastline and 12 km of those are sandy beaches. During your stay in Serifos it is important to visit the castle that stands in Hora.
  • Day 6: Kythnos 21 NM
    The picturesque Kythnos, also known as Thermia, is located between Kea and Serifos islands. In the north-eastern part of the island lies Loutra, renowned for its radioactive thermal springs, which are considered beneficial to sufferers from arthritis, dermatitis and gynecological problems. The more attractive villages are to be found to the south of the island. The 90 minute walk from Chora to Dryopida is one of the best things you can do on the island. Good beaches for swimming can be found at Merihas, Episkopi, Flambouria bay (accessible only by boat), Loutra and Agios Stefanos.
  • Day 7: Return to Athens 44NM


Above itineraries are weather permitting - ports may be altered depending on the weather conditions at the time of charter.


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